Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Boring myself.

Haven't really.. but on the way, undoubtedly.
Currently playing Ratu's Teman Tapi Mesra over and over again. Just can't help it!!
Told Kak Wati about the song and she laughed so hard!

Had spent the day with the guy walking around KL. I have to say that it was one of the best outings I've ever had! It's like.. so cool! No guy had ever asked me to walk around in the friggin' hot sun but it was definitely.. definitely different! We were mostly walking around and bus-hopping the whole day and I'd say it's a pretty perfect way to travel around town. ahahhaha!! It must be odd to read a testimonial of someone who actually prefers KL's public transports than the comforts of a car.

Probably had the most honest conversation I ever had in my life, today. Nerve shaking, but again.. it was SO COOL!!!
It's times like this that I wish I wasn't as selfish and ready to give my heart away, instead of convincing the guy that I preferred him as a "buddy". A perfect buddy he'd make.. *sigh*

Afterwards we headed to Kinokuniya 'cause he had wanted to see Kak Naz about something while I went to my friends in the stationeries department of course! Had a good talk with Lilian and Kak Wati!!
grrrr. I'm.. bugged that I had come to love talking to them two. Geez!!

Ooh~ got my first lomo pics developed, and I had to HATE it!! ahahhaha!! Need to repeat to myself.. *play outside* *play outside* *play outside* *play outside* *play outside* *play outside* I had totally wasted half of the film taking pictures INDOORS and they had ended up blank! Stupid me!

Nothing else to say now. Kinda sleepy. Just..
Heppy birthday Safuan!!!


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