Sunday, March 19, 2006

Curse you, Azraai!!

hahahha! You know I love you, (God knows, not as much as your girlfriend does!!) but I practically curse at anyone so it's about time that you get some of that!
What am I going to do with these Gempak magz, then????

Had a horrible night, last night. I actually cried, trying to figure out how to pack my luggage. All because of Dida's things she had asked me to carry. grrr. It was SOOOO frustrating!! There I was, staring mindlessly at the bag.. trying to imagine fitting my clothes, some undergarments, a few books, two cushions and a RICE COOKER in it.
Yes, you read it right. A rice cooker!!
Dida had asked me to bring a rice cooker, yes, but my very smart father (I'm being sarcastic, I'm mean.) had bought a 5-litre rice cooker!! Check at your local electric store to see the size of it. grr! And he had no idea how much frustration it had brought me, trying to fit the damn rice cooker it the bag!

I had only calmed down after a quick talk to Dida on the phone. She nags that it was my fault that I didn't pack my luggage the time she packed hers. geez!

But I had an awesome morning today! Despite the fact that I only got to bed at four, I managed to wake up around 9 for a morning walk with Muz! Well.. not much for the walk actually. Our main plan was to head to SACC for a cuppa, the walking part only came in a minute after the plan was made.

We hung around for hours at Coffee Bean! Yapping and hacking.. Confessing.. ahahhaha!! Good God, that came out somewhat wrong somehow. Well, we were telling each other about something that the other hadn't knew, or at least I hadn't knew that 'something' about Muz. heehee.
After we had lunch, we decided to walk a bit inside the mall and there was this one time when Muz heard my name being called and poked me so I looked up. What-d'ya-know! Shahnon!! ekekkeke! Typically me.. looking around yet not seeing. Later we said our hi's.. blablablaa.. and bye's! heehee. I thought it was a bit awkward. (Don't you, Shahnon? heehee.)

It was around 3 when we decided to walk back home.. in the drizzle! ekekkeke.
Okay, I need to get a shower. Sweat like a pig in the walk!
I don't feel too bad for missing F1 this year! Fisichella won. bah! heehee. And it didn't rain as I hoped it would. grr.. How UNEXCITING!! I want to see rain!
The English commentator on telly said our trophy looked "wicked.. like something out of the movies". heehee! It made me proud although it had almost nothing to do with me. Just almost! *wink*

This shall be my last entry then! My last until I settle down in Rotterdam and find an internet connection!
Humm.. things I'm hoping to achieve during this trip;
1. an end to my writer's block
2. snap brilliant pictures
3. eat Belgian waffles!!
4. make at least two three friends
5. pick up some Dutch and French! (the languange I mean, but getting the men instead wouldn't hurt either!)

Alright then! Miss me!! *grins*
Au revoir!


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