Monday, March 13, 2006


This moron deserves to be stalked. No.. to be stalked he/she would have to be someone admirable. The jackass deserves to be burnt.. at a stake. But I'd be happy enough if the bored people out there, reading this entry would just call this number and bugs the owner of this number until he/she would be sorry that he/she had even tried to fool me.

So I just got this message at 01:47am;
TAHNIAH! Anda telah terpilih untuk menerima RM10 panggilan PERCUMA daripada CELCOM sempena ULANGTAHUN. Untuk mengaktifkan akaun taip, 10 hantar ke 10139310542.
(CONGRATULATIONS! You've been picked to receive RM10 worth of calls FREE from CELCOM accordance to ANNIVERSARY. To activate account type, 10 send to 10139310542.)
**I deliberately left some words out on the English translation 'cause I directly translated it from the original message; which had left out some Malay words itself. I just had to set it straight 'cause it pains me to write "stupid English"!

Pathetic loser, haven't got anything else better to do!
I think my mom had been dupped by this sort of message last week, gotta ask her in the morning.

For non-Celcom users, here's the thing.. Ever heard of that Airtime Share feature Celcom has? It's really easy to use.
To request some airtime, you type RQ[space][amount][space][name] and send to 1[phone number]
If you were the recipient of this message you'll get something like, name has request amount from you, if you choose to agree, type yes. (Something like, I say!)
But if you simply feel like giving away your airtime, you type [amount] and send to 1[phone number] - Of course, that only works on the first time, afterwards you'll receive a message that tells you to register and create a password so the next time you share you would have to type in your password.. but anyways!!
See what the slime did?

He/she had asked to type 10 and send to 1[phone number]!
Urghhh! It ticks me off!! And I messaged this number and asked who this person is.. for somehow getting my number and trying to fool people - no reply, of course! Coward! How dare this.. moron!!
Good God, I hope it isn't a friend.. I'd die of shame for having such moronic friends. Sakai!!


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