Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dung beetle.

I suppose no one liked to be compared to a dung beetle. Well, I thought it's kinda cute! (in some odd ways.. it is!)
So far I've said Nina and Papa were alike a dung beetle. Sleepy when they're hot. Okay, I'm not exactly sure that dung beetles get sleepy but if I got them correctly, they do hibernate when it's hot, don't they? They'd go inside the earth and stay there until it rains, don't they?

It's been really really hot lately and everyone gets pretty sleepy during the day. Even I do.. so in that odd sort of way, I am alike a dung beetle. (I'm not offended, in any way!) ekkekeke.
So friggin' hot these days!!! *screams* Dida annoyingly brags about how cool it was in Rotterdam, and irritated the rest of us (in a joking manner, of course!) by complaining the heat over here every now and then.

Everyone reckons that I should only bring one pair of shoes when I leave and Papa thinks I should wear the orange Converse. I think he's right, but MAN!! I'm going to miss the other pair!! *grunts*
Collected my passport today! Didn't hate the picture although I looked rather.. empty in it, but I do hate my signature!! Why the heck did I need to sign the little book! And with a ball pen even!! Geez!! Horrible.. horrible..

Empty entry again, I know.
This heat is reducing my wit to half!


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