Friday, March 03, 2006

Catching up.

Only realized very recently how much I missed all those people I left in school.
So I went online tonight and IMed Majin, Ana and Bahijah. (Azrin IMed me.. good boy!) It was really nice catching up to them.. don't know why I'd waited so long.
Guess I'm really that forgetful.

I probably wouldn't realize how I had felt if Bahijah didn't SMSed me last week and told me she had seen me.
Or having Majin suddenly leaving me a message on my shoutbox.

See, I am lousy at goodbyes.
But I am SO going to get them good pressies while I'm away!! heehee.

Esok nak kacau Ms Ann at work! *sigh* Feels weird calling Lilian - Ann. (Ann is her pet name.) Gotta return my work clothes.


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