Monday, April 24, 2006


Had a tiring day. Thus, the late post.
Alright, that totally didn't make any sense. If it really was a tiring day, I should've been asleep by now.
Tiring -> fell asleep -> got up for dinner -> late post! hehhe.

Woke up at 11 after the phone rang. It was a call from home. heehee. Been a while since I talked to Papa and still I wasn't being my cheery self when I talked to him earlier. heehee. Guess I do hold grudges after all. Anyways! Another reason for not talking to people at home is because since I'm here, Dida doesn't need to call home all that much while I.. I just don't DO phone calls. Ask all my friends. Rai especially. ekkeke!!

Anyways, about one we went out to settle the tickets for some extra excursions in London. Then we got to a discussion about another location with the nice lady-agent and somehow ended up being at the counter for about TWO HOURS!! I guess, mostly spent on laughing at the lady for keep forgetting that we don't speak any Dutch!
She'd speak English with me and Dida, and once she started speaking to her collegue in Dutch, she forgets that we don't understand what she was saying.

So Dida is very much settled that we've quite a plan for May.
We're heading to Barcelona on the 19th and London the next weekend!! YEAAAYYY!!!
Kalo ade pape nak kirim.. cakap lah yee..

Tip of the day: If you're planning on a trip, do it in advance! Like 3 months in advance. You'd be surprise on how much you'd actually save from planning it - or NOT planning it - at the last minute.
As excited as Dida is on our forthcoming trips, she's determined not to "plan" on any more trips anytime soon.

Ohh! I finally got myself a pair of boots! One that looks NOTHING suspicious. heehee. Yeayy for me!!


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