Friday, April 14, 2006

Just thoughts and dial ups.

I think I've figured out why my whole heart is with Meredith!
Okay, apart from the fact that she had lost a "battle", I figured out that I like her thoughts even more! - You know, when there's her voice-overs. She sounded so.. smart! heehee.

Well, it has been a while since I have my own thoughts. Well.. "things that I would generally feel like they are worth some thought" anyways! So now I tend to.. flutter to fictional characters that "voices out" their thoughts. Like Meredith in Grey's Anatomy.. JD in Scrubs. They sound so smart and witty! And if you've been following this blog since the past year, you'd know how much I'd wanted to sound smart and witty!

Anyway, come to think about it.. I don't really know why I haven't had as much "thoughts" as I used to. Was all I can think of were romance? ahhahhahha!! Okay.. that's actually possible since I'm typically a sucker for that, but really.. I WON'T actually admit to that! It's... too condescending.
So people have said that I know "stuff" before.. but really.. aren't I good at thinking about some other things too?
Man! This is such a blow.

Dida opened the letter box today and the phone bills had arrived. Do you know, that between March 22nd to March 31st, the internet bill was 36.84€?? That's just... expensive. Dial ups are EXPENSIVE!! And just before we saw the bill she had spent.. well, A LOT at the travel agent. I feel completely guilty for the internet bill since I'm the one at home everyday! Gaaaah!!
I really think Dida is starting to care how much she's really spending here after everytime I tell her about the discussions I had at the travel agents. *sigh*
And now you ask why we're using dial up? I don't know.. because Dida was the one who set it up and I shouldn't complaint? huhuuu.

By the way, if you're in the Netherlands and wonders which travelling agency you should go to. I'd say, go to D-reizen! I think they have the best customer service! And their service charge is 20€. As for Thomas Cook, their's are 22€ while Arke's is 22.50€. hahha!! That's my job here apparently; throw the trash, do the dishes and go to travel agents!

Okay. That's it for now. It should be long enough to last a couple of days, right? I'm not supposed to go online actually. Not after the bill.. *sigh*


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