Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Found myself a new film to love!
Finding Forrester, a 2000 film with Sean Connery in it. It's about this fella William Forrester who wrote an incredible book that won him awards and even the Pulitzer. But somehow after that one book, he hides away from the public and never been heard again although his book has kept being used in schools.
Blablablaa.. I'm a sucker for films about writers.
Plus, this film ends with the same song as the one played at the end of 50 First Date. Just loved it.

Been worrying about something lately.
Well.. nothing serious. Not AT ALL serious. I'm just worried that my tub of sugar floss is emptying.
Wish I hadn't have a sweet tooth. I wish I had more self resistant. I wish I don't feel the need to pop in anything sweet into my mouth. heehee!
See? Nothing serious!

Eh, I think I called it with the wrong name. It should've been called "cotton candy" kan? ahhahah!! I think sugar floss is something you'd find in Rowling's book. Droobles.. or what ever the shop is called, I don't remember. eeek!


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