Tuesday, March 08, 2005


What sort of a person that goes on writing about what he or she is going to blog next?
- obviously, my sort.
i swear if you ever get the chance to go through my notebooks, you'd find one or two (probably several!) little notes on things that you can also find from this blog. honestly, writing is a curse - in some ways.

currently loving my new room! (no offence to my old room) but i thought being in a room with another 'quiet' person is just dandy! and i can't stop smiling all through last night everytime i get a wift from the fan.
though i can't say the same for my bed and speaking english with my new roomie. i think my new bed needs getting a hang of, and english.. well.. i am a considerably better writer than conversationalist. you should've listen to me when i talk about the room key with her - HORRIBLE!

anyways, weekend was.. nice. somehow me and dida couldn't stop talking and i thought it was funny. but yesterday when we were on our way here, everytime she starts talking about her office, i'd pass her some fries so she'll shut up. hahha! not intentionally, though. it was some sort of a motor reaction, she starts talking, i pass her some fries. it was weird all the same.

ohh, and yesterday was the end of me and papa's feud. hahhah!! i KNEW he couldn't take the fact that i don't need him for everything. (yeah, i'm not exactly sorry to say that. it kills me to say sorry, and with what had happened, i'm not at all sorry) the feud kinda stop very slowly. very. 'coz it kind of started to mellow on friday. i was chattering madly with dida while we were in the car, and i suppose he listened closely 'coz when i asked her about HMS, he was the one who answered. kohkohkoh!! on saturday and sunday we were back on non-speaking term again, but by monday he couldn't stop being nice to me. so when i was leaving i thought, 'humm, i guess i should say goodbye to him now' and i did, and he pulled me into a hug. kekkeke! i can't stop feeling bad when i remember the look on his face. (i told mama and dida about this and dida kept saying "ooh~ papa's favorite girl!!" yeech!)

i doubt i'm papa's favorite girl though. if you ask him, he'd approve the fact that i create the most trouble among my siblings. honestly, if i were papa, i'd favor the most helpful one of us three and i'm practically useless at home. (anywhere, really!)
baaah~ papa never really learn so i expect this sort of thing will happen again. i suppose he has that bit of ego since he's the man of the house, but i guess he keeps forgetting that i can play along to his games. (dida did say that i'm somewhat alike papa. padan muka!)

ps: i do realize that i posted somewhile ago that it depresses me to be a horrible daughter to my parents, but i believe in fair-game so admitting that i was wrong when i wasn't is really not an option in my book. (yeah, i am very much stubborn, hot headed and short tempered. mind.)
i am sorry that i can't stop talking about it in here though. fighting usually makes me.. rather bitter. *sigh* this whole psychology thing tires me out.

and now, i'm about to off and make myself even more of a horrible person that i already am. cheerio~


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