Friday, March 25, 2005

very achy indeed.

last night when i said about sitting 4 hours straight rambling through the internet, well, add another 3 hours to that.
should've gotten to bed earlier, but i couldn't help looping and looping my playlist. *giggle*
Room On The 3rd Floor

i guess it bothered me that no one outside of the UK know much about these fellas, when they make really good music!! (biased? maybe!) well, if you like 60's/70's pop, you'll totally love this album! i don't think i am much of a fan of those period's pop music, but i do love McFly's music! *more giggle*

i mean, i can go listing down all their songs now! (don't worry, i'll spare you! but HERE's a page where they talk about every track on their album.) listen to Room On The 3rd Floor, Surfer Babe, Broccoli and Not Alone if you please. (i'm probably a bit attached to Not Alone though since Danny wrote that one! AHHAHAHA!! well, i thought it sounded a bit Lifehouse-ish, so it's GOOD! roawr!) and Broccoli has this really cute/probably funny part that i couldn't help, but adore!! well, if you get to listen to this one, keep an ear for the part with "i knew she cares.. she cares!" my FAVOURITE PART!! *giggle*

oh well, i'm plainly in love with this album. i have no problem listening to the whole lot of it! so if you don't mind listening to pop, LISTEN TO THIS ONE!!

okay. done promoting! but wait, i found this silly page! thought it's a bit funny so i'm putting it here; CLICK!

okay! should get dressed and walk off to class now!! heeheee!
have a fantastic weekend people!! (ican'twaittogetaholdofmyCDathome!!!)


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