Tuesday, March 22, 2005

had a nice weekend?

my F1 ticket!mine was excellent!! F1 for two years in a row!!! don't know what it was if not lucky - lucky that mama and nina works for Tourism Malaysia, that is!! hehhe!! so me and dida went to see the race with the tickets THEY got (for free).

we got really good seats this year. much better than last year! it was near the big screen, and the seats allowed us to see probably 60% of the circuit! couldn't help feeling all excited about it. only wished that i had rm150 lying around so i could've bought the commentary headphone! grr. that'd be super! but anyways, with what i had last sunday, i was already content. =D

Ferrari didn't win on this circuit again this year. *sigh* i think it's really unfair that they're being just lousy for not replacing to their new engines since Australian GP. can't wait for the Bahrain circuit now! really wanna see what their new engines are capabale of. heh!

we went straight out when it ended. didn't feel like partying to the concert after that. hahhaha! we got on the bus to nilai, which i slept on "embarrassingly" as dida thought. (as if i care; being among a bunch of people i don't even know!) then we got on the commuter and headed to seremban and rested a bit at nina's (and family!) place.
the green dot was where we were this year while the yellow one was our seat last year!
anyways, sunday had just been fantastic!! (even though my period came without me being prepared; which i don't think it'd actually interests you, ahahha!!) the weather wasn't excrutiatingly hot, quite breezy even! and i had real fun being amongst the crowd of reds. heh! i think i got myself a bit of a tan though, but i'm fine with it!! just felt lucky to have such great weekend! =)

just hope that i'll get luckier and manage to get all the things on my wishlist that now compromise of 20 things! ahhaha! (maybe i'd put it over here next time i change the layout.) o yeah, if you haven't seen it, i think the video clip for McFly - Room On The 3rd Floor was mightyly cool!! sempat nak promote lagik.

fotopage updated! (with pictures that most probably wouldn't interest you lot)

ohh! my thoughts on equinox; nothing much happened, did it? it even rained a bit later in the afternoon in shah alam! well, as expected. the news said that it's because we're already on the.. err.. garisan khatulistiwa. we're used to the hot temperature so we couldn't feel if there's any change. (what's garisan khatulistiwa in english, eh? can't think of what line it is! *sigh* sometimes i can't help feeling like i don't belong. i speak lousy Malay and even worse English! grrr!)


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