Wednesday, March 23, 2005

still. still tired.

i could just sleep on the keyboard right now, but it's dusk. if i sleep now, later i'd wake up and my whole sleeping time will be all messed up again. bluerghh!

had to wake up early this morning. promised to meet up fendi 'coz i was asking him for help on my maya. so it'd be.. polite to see him in person, yeah?
then i had a lecture; which i only half-listened as i always do. *sigh* couldn't help it! that particular class is the best time i have to catch up on my diary/scrapbook-writing. sat around yoges, majin, ablen and dar during class so that was a bit nice - catching up a bit and bad-mouthing! AHHAHAHAHA!!

anyways, later me and yoges went to that Digital Media final year exhibition (which shahnon had invited me to earlier) and i have to say it was MIGHTY IMPRESSIVE!! if i were so thick; not to feel embarassed at all, i would've gape at most of the works displayed there!
shahnon did this thing about wayang kulit (can't help thinking how traditional that guy is. wayang kulit.. silat.. hehe!) and there's this interactive thing that moves the character by waving anything white in front of the webcam. entah hape laa care nak describe ni.. since i have NO idea how he did that, i have to say that it's just IMPRESSIVE!!
then saw kak yan's topophobia (is it??) which i didn't get to play since someone else was on it. same as that popo game which really reminds me of super mario brothers. SANGAT IMPRESSIVE!! if i have to describe all i saw in that room, i'm certain that it'll be a horrible jumble of malay-english in here, so i better stop now. oh wait, kak yan sangat smart tadi! kikkiki!
i had NO idea that the final year's had to do works such as i'd seen today. very cool indeed!!

after that i started walking back cyberia when ablen called and asked if i want to tag along for lunch with him and dar. DUH!
so we went to alamanda and ate at the foodcourt. dar made a moronic joke, i almost spat my drink onto the floor but i ended up coughing it down. blablablaa~
really, we just ate there and talked so there's nothing much to mention in here.
thanks fellas for letting me come with. =)

so now i'm just done editing the layout, and quite bored to be honest.
wondering if i ought to go out tommorrow like i always do..
but i probably shouldn't. *sigh* reasoning sux.


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