Monday, December 22, 2003

surrounded by GREAT people..

heehee~! :x
Loving Belba today! She prepared me some loads of sandwiches just for me last night so I can bring it here.. MMUAHHX!! Love ya' VERY VERY VERRYYY!! It's just amazing how she annoys me VERY VERRY at some points but treats me VERY VERRRY good most of the time. :D Not really sure if it's possible to find any other sister just as ANNOYING as her!! ekekeke! :x
Spent the whole weekend at home. I know Belladonna's missing Izzati.. ekkeke! She's fooling around with me too much! And Belladonna's been in Jeli for a whole week. Surely she misses the company.. :| Good news, Abang Min gets to transfer to Kuala Kluang (?).. It's somewhere in Selangor I think.. So there should be no long-distance-relationship after the new school year starts! Yeaaaaayy!! I hated the way Belladonna's and Abang Min's relationship had to go every single day. Setakat phone calls.. humm.. Musti rindu gile ekk? ekkeke! :p
What do I know... :p
So I just got back this morning, and Kak Siti suddenly said, "aah~ the internet's back on." ekekke!! Ana called me last night and told me that. Lucky me, not going back here too soon or I'll be bored! :))
Home was neat! :D Get to read some papers!! AHAHHA!! Such a long time since I read one.. Spent some time reading Thursday's Star Two.. the cover titled; The Elf and The King.. ekekke!! Guess who was on the cover!! ahahha!! Legolas & Aragorn of course! :)) Did you peeps know that Orlando Bloom has a girlfriend???!!
Sedihnyeeeeeeeeeee!! Read that in the paper.. he was talking about some things the tabloid said.. how his sexuality was being questioned by the tabloids after Sir Ian McKellen (spelling?) hugged and kissed him after an award ceremony. (that old dude is gay, btw) And so, Orli answered that no doubt he loves Sir Ian 'coz the whole crew was like family and that he's not gay.. and he has a girlfriend. Bluerrghh~! O well, at least his straight! ekekkeke!! :x :x :x
And read some some stuff 'bout Viggo Mortensen as well.. which was cool by the way! Now I finally remembered who should've been Aragorn if not Viggo! It was supposedly played by Stuart Townsend. It's that guy from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! It's that guy with the old painting lahh!

aaAaaA~ baru balek dari Media History with Asha... dia gilaaaaaaaaaaa~!!


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