Monday, December 22, 2003

screaming silently..
can you hear?
of course not...

my mind's off.. I am horribly tired.. I need something else to accompany me other than my own head.

shouting for help..
can you hear?
of course not...

I guess you'd rather listen to another girl's cry.

a crazy silence..
do you notice?
of course not...

why would you say anything when I say nothing.

o well.. I have a crazy heart and mind. It won't listen to one another. My head's too stupid while my heart's too lame. I need not both of it at this moment but it's there.. and I can't hide myself from it as much as I wanted to..
I can't run from it though I wanted to so badly..
Maybe one day my words will get through without me saying it..
or just maybe one day.. the words that has been kept inside me will just fade before I get to say it..
Either way.. In time.. I'll go through one of those two..


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