Tuesday, December 30, 2003

" quote here "

talking in circles..
i love giving out hints.. but i hate getting one.. 'coz i don't get most of it.. :(
empty here..
i wish i knew more of things...

"The easiest kind of relationship for me is with ten thousand people. The hardest is with one."
-- Joan Baez

it's easier to say than do..
if only i do better, rather than say.

emily the strange

i think this character's really neat!! sangat sukaa the website.. click on the image to visit, okie~!
well, probably my reason for liking the site 'coz it's mostly in black and red kot.. heehee~!
(err.. the image looks perfect with black background..)

i think this song is beautiful..
hope that one day i'll write half as good as this..
(btw, the song is supposedly to be seen as a religious song)

Melody Of You
performed by Sixpence None The Richer
written by Matt Slocum

you're a painting with symbols deep, symphony
soft as it shifts from dark beneath
a poem that flows, caressing my skin
in all of these things you reside and I
want you flow from the pen, bow and brush
with paper and string, and canvas tight
with ink in the air, to dust your light?
from morning to the black of night

this is my call I belong to You
this is my call to sing the melodies of You
this is my call I can do nothing else
I can do nothing else

you're the scent of an unfound bloom
a simple tune
I only write variations to sooth the mood
a drink that will knock me down to the floor
a key that will unlock the door
where I hear a voice sing familiar themes
then beckons me weave notes in between
a bow and a string, a tap and a glass
you pour me till the day has passed..

been watching siti nurhaliza's performance on juara lagu back to back.. ekekkeke!! yeaah, really liked the fact that the song sounded different..! heehee.. and kinda enjoyed the part when her sister and the other girl came in and rapped (double p's, people!)

"kau milik aku, aku milik kamu
kau milik aku, kamu untuk aku
kau milik aku, aku untuk kamu"

loads of work to do.. a meeting coming up tonight.. deadline tomorrow.. bluerghh~! felt anticipating for yet another school break but it'll be long before that happens.. :(

i wish.. i wish.. i wish..
heehee.. remembered the wish list i did during the weekend. (coz i had nothing else better to do.. heehee!)

feeling even crappier than being invisible..
i'd rather be invisible than ignored like this..
hummph.. biarlaahh..
biarlaah wanie.. biarkan aje..

devotion in the face of uncertainty.. thanks prisca!


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