Wednesday, December 24, 2003

dar best

weeeeeeee~! I'm a gud gel! Senang btol nak jadi gud gel.. :p

Let Me In by Save Ferris

I've been watching you and all you do
for quite some time

knowing all the ins and outs of you,
I should have known what was on your mind
but all the world is spinning round and round,
inside my head tonight

I will fall into the darkness
and I fear I will never see the light

the light

so let me in
all that I wanted from you
was something you'd never do
so let me in
oh please tonight,
dont let this end tonight
I'll fall

through the light the darkness seems to be
so very strong

how does one alone against the world
find the strength to carry on

what happened to the way we used to love
it seemed as though life had just begun
but now that love has come and gone to fade away
like the setting sun

cause you won't let me in
all that I wanted from you
was something you'd never do

so let me in
oh please tonight,
don't let this end tonight
cause I'm starting to fall
so let me in

it was all that I wanted from you
it was something you never knew
to let me in
but not tonight,
for this is the end
I fall

Love this song!! It was in Roswell's soundtrack! Thanks Prisc!! Really love this song for both the lyrics and music. :p Surrounded by great people.. except one..
Hey you.. if you can't keep a promise, don't make one! This thing you're doing.. infuriates me!! X(
Lily's gone back home for Christmas.. ekkeke!! Weekend lah.. She left a post-it on the door.. Adohai~ Rase geram when she did that... She should've come in!! grrRrRrR.. Humm.. :x Hey Lily.. do you know that my 'hope' seemed to be fading away? Guess it's bound to happen.. 'aight?
Going back home tonight. Terasa patut stay tapi cam.. for all the wrong reasons. Seemed wrong to be staying for the reason I have in mind.. ekkeke! :D
Okay.. should start photo-shooting during the weekend.. And think of some right words for a song.. weeeeeeeee~!! Rase excited, but I don't know if I can 'perform'. Lagu bodo bodo okaylaa.. Ni nak buat for 'something'.. Going to have to strain my brain, kot! Kot aje laa kan.. kot aje.. Can't wait to listen to Prisc and Drogo's music!!!! :x
Feeling rather empty somehow.. Kenape? :|

he never gets it..


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