Friday, December 19, 2003

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Kinda just got back from seeing Wishing Stairs in Mid Valley with Dzayed, Asha, Ana and Bahijah. My comment? Well, the story was sloooow but I had some scares.. huhuu~ Tapi tak aci laa sebab Ana have seen it before and I kept asking here if the particular scene was going to be scary. ekkeke! I think Tale Of Two Sisters was more scary.. And I love the fact that we had to think how the story really was.. :)
Getting more sick by the minute. Idong kejap tersumbat, kejap ok.. This is tiring..
Going to take a cold medicine in a minute.. Dida said that I'll go to sleep if I take it.. Humm..
Seems like I'm meant not to talk much these days..
Good night all..

Maybe it'll be alright


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