Thursday, December 18, 2003

The Return Of The King..

I'm having a cold, here!! Maybe 'coz I haven't had enough rest since the school started.. I guess I got a little carried away. Priorities Wanie.. get them straight!! Penat btol la sakit sakit nie.. Lembik btol! :(
Lord Of The Rings was... heehee~! It was good.. Not gonna elaborate much but I have to say that I was a little disappointed that they edited some things.. The things that I wanted to see.. which was my favorite chapter in the book; House of Healing Isyk.. :( Athelas o athelas~ heehee.. :D You know what that was about if you've read the book before.
But if you didn't read the book, I'm sure you'll be fully entertained!! :D
There were some super neat lines on the script.. (at least I thought it was neat!)
"It's the thought and shadows that you love.. I cannot give what you seek,"
Huhuu~ It goes something like that. :D
Go see 'em!!
A message to those who've read The Lord Of The Rings, don't expect the final installment to be as elaborated as it was in the book.. okie! :)
Majin... nak balek buku Wanieeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :((

ps= dreamy 'bout Orlando again.. haiyo!


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