Friday, November 21, 2003

I hate blackheads..

I think my nose is so full with them! Maybe if I could get them all off, I could actually form another nose! huhuu~ Okay, so I was exagerrating.. but I really do hate blackheads!! :p
Prisca.. you're such a dear!! No matter what people might say about you.. I think I get the idea of YOU.. so I'll trust you rather than them! :x Yen's lucky.. and you're lucky to have Yen too~! I wish someday I'll get a hold on someone as cool as him! ekkeke! "Oh Asha and Dzayed is so cooooooooooooooooool~!!!" (scream this like Cursive does, wokie?!) heehee~! :x
Tadi kaaann... :D Asha brought me some drummets and bread for sahur! :D :x She's SO thoughtful.. Dahlaa tadi berbuka menyedihkan betul.. (I was in a crappy mood!) Just had some drink, and some crackers (felt like a parrot for eating too many crackers these days! :( ) and then I fell asleep. huhuu~ But nowww!! Rase cam tak patut kecik ati kat Asha for anything she does in 2 months! ekekke! (not that I always do.. :p) Immune from kesalahan.. :)) Then we went to 7eleven in Putrajaya to get some other things.. :D
Money update!:
In my wallet: RM 3.50
Phone credit: airtime: RM 0.06, sms: RM 0.20, valid until: 21/11/2003.
Hahhaa~! Life doesn't get any better than this.. :p Funny how life is not all about money, but you have to have money to live.. Gotta get home tomorrow.. I refuse to eat any more crackerssss!! Bluergthh~!!

Visited this blog somehow.. and I don't know why but I like this lines she wrote: (there are typos!)

..I had the impression that you where crazy about me. He said I'm not crazy about you..but I could be .... He said if you showed interest in me I could be crazy about you but I'm afraid to be right now..I don't want to get hurt. (which is justified since I keep telling him about not being ready)

He wanted to know is there potiential..I told him there is a lot of potential for this relationship and that I want it to go forward,,but I can't make promises before I'm sure I can keep them. But that I was willing to commit to getting to know him better and seeking the Lord's will in the matter.

I told him---if he wants to put our relationship on hold....and investigate other girls...that was ok. ---no non i don't want to do that--he says Or if he wanted to go forward with this relationship then their needed to be only one person (me!!). He said I want it to go forward....

hehhe! I had to read it some times so I can understood it well.. :D Like I said, I don't know why I liked the line. Maybe for it's open-ness. heehee~ It just amazes me how some people can really say what they wanted to say.. without getting it to sound stupid like I always did.. :p
Well, I should try harder!! yoshhh!!!
Seems like I've been visiting plenty of blogs lately.. :D I'd say that most of them were interesting! There are some lines that I just can't get my thoughts off it.. (or I won't promote any of the blogs I've ever mentioned!.. unless they're my friends.. :D )

Missing. missing.. missing...
time is wasted all over again because of you..
I'm here while you're not... Maybe you just didn't care..
As always... :p
Oh well.. no point of nagging on it 'coz you're doing what you like and I'm doing what I like!
only wish that we're doing it together though.. heehee! :p
I wonder if you knew that I was talking to you all along.. :)
If only time can be rewind..


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