Thursday, November 13, 2003

urghh demmit..
why cant i stop crying over some stupid measly thing..!
all i wanted was to be at home.. hug my dad as much as i can.. coz that's what i needed most right now.
so i cant go back due to the stupid rejected assigment.. even if i did, it wouldn't worth the time at all..
so i cant go back.. i just cant.. i shouldnt... so what's the big stupid deal?
why cant i just let it be?
why am i pouring like a leaking tap ???
sakit nye hatiii... tuhan aje yang tahu..
time macam iniiilah wanie sangat tak tahu ape lagi nak buat..
everyone seemed to be disappearing somehow..
felt like screaming... i am screaming.. inside, though..
this is the worst day of my life!! not being able to do exactly what i want...
stop crying you stupid girl!!!!
felt like cursing.. but it won't help anything, would it? let me try it once...
no.. it doesn't stop me from crying, so now it's proven that i shouldn't be cursing...
i hate thissssssss!!!
bahijah and ana are going back anyways!! and i'm still here sebab.. entahlaa! baik sangat ke sampai kate takmo balek?? hahahha!! maybe i was just stupid... and still am...
huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! stop crying laaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
felt like i'm crying because of the fact that i can't stop crying....
benci laaa... benci sangat..... benci benci benci.......
"i dont wanna be lonely, i just wanna be alone.."
but alone is what i am....


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