Wednesday, November 19, 2003

can you take me higher?

I know you can... :D I'm such a trusting person, don't you think? heeheee!
Anyways!! It's a boring night.. waiting for the time to get sahur..
Been spending the night helping Prisc and Lill getting their blogs to work.. kehkehkeh!! Rase cam pandaaaaaaaaii!! wooh~! RP's out with Jai, I think.. :p Jeles btol orang kuar malam-malam nihh!!
Ehh.. suddenly reminded of a promise someone made to me.. chihh, you liar youuu!! ekekke! :p
Humm.. 30 mins left before going out with Prisc and Lill...
what shuold I do.. what should I do.....
O well! Let's do the names stuff as seen on Kaoru's and An's!! ekekke!

Matrix - Cleo (like the magazine.. wuwuuu)
Elvish - Finduilas Lúinwë (berbelit lidah!)
Hobbit - Sweetpea Tighfield of Tookbank (heehee~ loving it!)
Clueless - Betty Halle Madden (wahh!! could I be related to the Madden brothers??? :x)
Smurf - Igneous Smurf (hmm?)
DJ - DJ Clumsy Thunder (ekkeke! imagined myself tumbilng over a turn-table!)
Superhero - Archangel (heehee~ I used to like him.. :D)
Afghan terrorist - Abdalla The Kenyan (wahhahaha!!!!)
Jamaican name - Wolde C (err.. no womaan no cryy..?)

alamaaak! 3 o'clock!!


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