Monday, November 03, 2003

"Gila bayanglah akuuuuu!!!"

hahahahha!!!! Excuse me.. That is SO not me! I was merely making fun of a show I saw on telly yesterday, and it happened to be a hindustan film!!! HAHAHHA!! My sister was screening the channel and somehow stopped at this part when this guy just saw this girl naked in the bathroom and the translation was that line above!! HAHAHHA!! And that is of course, right before they started singing.. hohoho! TYPICAL!!
Anyways.. went back to MMU somewhere around 10 last night but I went straight to Mojjo's place to keep her company. :D Ate the bekal I've brougt from home! My family did nasik impit.. sambal kacang.. and all those close-to-Raya stuff and I can't help asking them to wrap some up.. Bole Asha merase masakan rumah, kan Asha kann? (walaopun bukan umah sendri.. huhuu)
And then, saw Roswell on her computer.. (MAX~!! :x) And when we're SUPPOSED to get some sleep, we went to Dzayed's car and drove to Putrajaya instead!! (Asha was driving..) Got some things at the 7eleven and then pusing sikt ke tempat yang agak menakutkan!! huhuu~ Tu laa.. menggatal sangat nak berjalan.. last last menakutkan diri sendri.. huhuu~ When we arrived back in Cyberia, we hung out at the playground.. talking.. talking and yapping about stuff as we munched away the things we bought.. Thanks Asha, sudi mendenga menda menda yang tak penting dalam idop Wanie.. :x
Finally went up to her house somewhere around 4 as we were getting bitten horribly by the mosquitoes! HAHHAHA! My leg looked horrible!! There were too many bites!! ekkeke!!
So we woke up around 8 when we got ourselves ready for the SUPPOSEDLY- Malaysian Studies lecture.. sheesh! What a total waste of energy.. And when we wanted to check the studio if there's any spot for booking, Che' Mat was there.. nagging some stuff about procrastination.. huhuu~ so we walked away! HAHAHHA!! Total waste of energy lah this morning..
So here I am, typing my life away.. while dear Mojjo is sleeping in my bed. :)
Been doing the quizes on Ana's blog.. ekkeke!
My inner child is six years old today

My inner child is six years old!

Look what I can do! I can walk, I can run, I can
read! I like to do stuff, and there's a whole
big world out there to do it in. Just so long
as I can take my blankie and my Mommy and my
three best friends with me, of course.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
brought to you by Quizilla

Okehh!! Now, about home!! Baby was SOOOOOO adorable!!! We call her Izzati at home, instead of Anis.. 'coz I have a cousin with the same name.. :) Izzati is SO SO SOOO adorable!!! She's REALLY REALLY CUTE!!! You peeps should listen to her cry.. HAHAHHA!! SANGAT SANGAT CUTE!!! I wish she'd cry more when I was home, but she didn't.. 'coz she like me too much to cry! HAHHAHA!! :x Can't stop myself from touching her.. ekkeke! Maseh tak berani nak angkat though.. huhuu~ takut laaaa!!! Tunggu nanti dah dekat sebulan lah kot baru nak angkat! hohoho! Anyways.. everyone got annoyed with me at home.. 'coz the baby didn't cry much when I was at home, and I'd say that she's glad I was home.. ekekke!! :)) Maaan, I love the kid already!! KAWAAAAAAAIIII!!!!!! And while she was asleep.. ADOHH~!! CUTE NYERRRRR!!! Are all babies this cute??? Kenape Wanie tak perasan??? Izzati would smile tiba tiba.. or cebik mulut.. or muncung muncung.. HAHHAH!! I know all babies do that, but IZZATI IS SOOO CUTE!!!! Tau tido, minum susu, yak yak.. tido, minum, yak yak! HAHAHHA! What a simple life!! ekekek! Everytime I look at her, rase nak nangis pon ade!! Life is such an amazing thing, isn't it??? And I just can't stop from staring at her.. IZZATI, YOU'RE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
And Nina lak ade cakap Izzati looked like me.. hint* hint*
HAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Izzati is just too cute!! GERAM SANGAT!!! Dok cucuk cucuk pipi dia.. and geletek lengan dia! HAHAHHA!! Tidoo je tau, sape suhhh!! HAHAHAHHAHA!!
Okay... I'm lacking of sleep.. tengah rase nak gile sikit pon ade nihh.. :D
.. still laughing at last Friday's incident! hohohoho! (Bahijah, shut it!) ekekke!! I should tell myself that!! :))
Oh!! THANKS ASHA & DZAYED!!!!!!! :x :x The pair bought me the 'preposterously expensive blank CD' that I had my eyes on when we were in OU! heehee~! THANK YOU SANGAT SANGAAAAAAAT!!! :x Lovin' it!!!! :D

** even if you don't like me back, I'm already content with the way it is right now. and even if you felt the same way too, I wouldn't know what I wanted from you anyways, and so.. this is the way I like it to be.. we're cool this way, aren't we? :D **


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