Friday, October 31, 2003

Hopelessly hopeful


sorry... I got so silly just now before break-fast that I just had to laugh at myself!! kekkeke!!!
Gosh, I need to take a break.. and think less about things.. heehee~!
Bahijah, laugh at this >> "Wanie kan kuaaat..." kekkekke!! Thanks Bahijah!! I was strong, wasn't I? ekkeke!!

Went to Bahijah's class in the afternoon, and after we left the classroom, we hung around STAD building 'coz we didn't feel like going back to our rooms.. And when we left that spot, we hung out again at the staircase! HAHAHHA! Lepak sahaja!! Visited the bazaar but was uninterested with everything and somehow decided to have break-fast at the Street Mall.
Bahijah, stop laughing!
And then.. bumped with Dar and his family! heehee~
Bahijah, I said stop!!!
Break-fast was fine, really... especially since it was on Bahijah!! HAHAHHA!!
Okay, laugh a lil' bit more, Bahijah...
Kenyang kenyang~~~
Stop laughing NOW Bahijah!!!
Okaay.. my dad's coming... have a nice weekend peeps!!

Knocking my head silly~~ *tuk tuk* (the sound of knuckles on head)


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