Wednesday, October 15, 2003

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Tiring day! Weeeeeee~
Woke up early despite getting to bed late last night. Had to do the presentation for Photography.. only to get REJECTED!! ahahahha~!! Sebenanye rase sedikit depressed.. (macam nak termuntah sikit..) But right after the class, me, BJ and Anaconda headed to IOI and played bowling! I actually won!!
ehee~ that's me, going to drop the ball,,
Punyelah lama tak main.. Tapi agak pathetic laa.. I scored only 73, while Anaconda 69 and BJ 44! Klakaaa~
bahijah got upset 'coz her ball was about to go in the gutter!
And then BJ was bugged by some rempits over there.. So we decided to go someplace else and since BJ was driving, she decided to go to Mid Valley.
Kegilaan bebudak tu these days - Asam Laksa Penang!! Tak sudah sudah nak makan kat situuuu!!
and this is anaconda!!
Oh Asha..
Hidup kurus tonjang~!!
ekkeke!! Eyh, thanks Asha! For saving me in the afternoon. ekkeke!! I was fiddling my room keys and just as if on cue, it spun and dropped.... right into a drain hole! HAHHAHA!! Pastu paling pelik, Wanie cam tergamam sekejap.. Analyze dalam kepala - "bodohnye sayee~~" And tak sempat nak gerak, Asha suh Wanie pegang envelope dia and gi amekken (masuk lubang tuu!! Angkat besi sumer.. ekkeke!!) Kasihan my teddy key holder.. Tak basuh laie ni...
Missing you loads Anabyzura!! :x
BJ, love ya' too!!!

BJ taught me how to eat sushi. (of course la kaan, pick 'em up with your hand, open your mouth and stuck the sushi in, and start munching!) What I really meant was that she let me share her sushi 'coz I never tried 'em. She was pretty excited about that.. I really can't understand why. HAHHAA~ Ijah pelik!! :p
Keluar tadi agak kelakar.. and interesting. The three of us kept getting into some sort of serious conversations yang sangat besh!!
Okehh.. halfway before we arrived in MMU, Hitz were playing Faint by Linkin Park and Anaconda kept moaning. (she adores the band horribly but unable to spend for a ticket 'coz of the building up assignments!) So BJ started to announce their 'arrival' to the stage (as if we were seeing their show!).. and so we all screamed in the car. It was obviously lame, but kinda helps since we need to release the tension. ekekke!!
Kepada encik Shahnon.. adohaai~! Sronot lah kamu yaaa!! (he got to see Linkin Park seihh~!!) Berlagak!! ekkekeke!
You might read more on how the Linkin Park night went @here!
So anyways! I've been spending the rest of the night glued to my chair with my eyes stuck on the screen. ehee~ Malam ni rase lain sket! :)
shahnon: i know you`ll love this one

In your eyes I see a darkness that torments you
and in your head where it dwells.
I'd give you my hand if you'd reach out and grab it,
Lets walk away from this hell.

~*Into The Dark by The Juliana Theory

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