Thursday, October 23, 2003

Hajimemashite, Romo-san!!

another post for yesterday..
Did nothing much in the morning..
submitted the photography.. and were taught on the lighting in the studio. humm.. still need to find another member for the group work, but me and the gurls are blank! We've asked everyone that we have thought of! So.. biar ajelah dahulu..
later in the evening, me and Bahijah followed Asha and Dzayed to One Utama as they were going to buy lomography cameras. Asha's was a super sampler. It can catch movements with it's 4 lenses. While Dzayed's was a Holga.. yang agak lecehh! HAHHAHA!! The manual book was entertaining though
"Okay people!! Start licking!"
lick~ lick~ ekekkeke!!..
Ohh! yesterday was a crappy day!! Something bit my lips, I think.. so, sampai arini, bibir sedikit swollen at the side. BENCI!! It was so big, that I cried! Sebenanye bukan nangis sebab the lips.. tapi sebab Asha gi gelakkan.. I was a bit sad.. and then it went to pissed off so badly!! Rase nak hantukkan Asha kat pillar kat tempat parking space, tapi kang Dzayed taknak drive balek gi MMU lak! HAHHAHAA! So Asha, jaga mulut tu sikit ekk? I really like you, but kadang-kadang rase tak tahan with the things you said.. okay? :) :x
After getting the lomo, we drove to Taman Tun to see a photo lab, Applied Imaging. Wondermilk said that the lab knew pretty much about lomography, and Dzayed's camera is after all.. a bit complicated! :))
Then we looked around Mont Kiara Plaza.. and then hung about in Sunway. Details won't be elaborated.. :p


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