Friday, October 03, 2003

What a week..

Okay.. just spend the last three days without an internet connection! How sad can that beee???!!
Having a pretty darned sore throat right now. Maybe sebab menggatal nak try air Epal Asam Boi kot! BJ la niee!! Kate besh!! Tambahkan sakit tekak ni ade laa!! grrRRrRR~!
Been spending the week with BJ and Asha and Dzayed! Banyak btol duit kuar! So it happens that I didn't even missed any meals! Ain't that amazing! So, in a way.. they were pretty good influences.. :D
Monday.. went to take some pictures for our assignment!!
Tuesday.. went on a bus with Ana, Asha, BJ and Sheeya for Mid-Valley just to hang around :x Missing them all already~! :D
Wednesday.. out with Asha, BJ, Dzayed and his friends to Berjaya Times Square. The two girls made fun of me since I was afraid of heights. HAHAHA!! Honestly, the joke is not getting any funnier, so stop making fun of me, you two!!!!! Took a bit more pictures there. Watched the roller-coaster ride. (looked quite interesting, really but the admission fee for the theme park is RM30! And gue tengah sengkek seihhh~)
Thursday.. class 'til 3 (which we actually skipped out of our MDP class) and went to send our slides. First went to YS in ss2 but the guy at the counter was such a hard time! So we went to Bakway instead (near Lim Kok Wing) Dahlaa lebih murah!! Benci YS! bluekkk~!
So now I'm back again.. Kinda hoping something when I got back but it didn;t really happen.. So that proves that we can't really get the things that we wanted at the time we wanted it. huhuu~ What a tiring and kinda sad day it is.. :(
Wokie... need my rest! Hope your camera will be okay, Asha! :) And thanks Dzayed!!
O yeah, still working on the whole layout thing, so just bare with it for the time being! Got so many things caught up in my head these days..



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