Monday, October 20, 2003


been spending the night looking for Flop Poppy's song, Rest Of My Life lyrics..
(tried typing to what I hear.. but it wasn't clear enough so I just HAD to search through the net for it!)
so.. I've typed all sorts of things on the search bar;
" flop poppy rest of my life"
"lyrics flop poppy"
"flop poppy malaysia rest of my life"
"english flop poppy"
bluerghhh.. kept jumbling all sorts of words.. and what did I found?? My own website!!! HAHAHHA!! stupid...
The search results bolded my post on that GEMA day when I talked on what Flop Poppy sang in their performance. ARGHHHH!! Sangat tension!
I really want the lyrics!! Been searching since yesterday and all I get is a headspin!! +_+

tudoodoo daadaa~~


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