Sunday, October 19, 2003

bahijah (1:17:10 AM): wanie, nak lepak putra tak?

bak.. bj.. and ashahahhhaa~!
Kinda just got back from a hang out with Bahijah, Anaconda, Asha, and Bak (some new guy friend) :)
I don't know.. this is such a good day! I mean.. yesterday up til now.. :D Realized how I REALLY have the friends that I can count on. They may not be there EVERYTIME I need them, but they usually are.. hehheh! You guys are the best!!
Takde buat ape sangat kat Putra tadik. Just took some silly pictures on the bridge. O yeah, new pictures uploaded, yaa! :D
Kinda imagining some stuff right now. Gotta stop, though.. It's eating me alive.. huhhuu~

Anyways.. this conversation is making my day wonderful for the moment..

anaconda (4:34:30 AM): u wanna know something?
wanie (4:34:34 AM): yepp
wanie (4:34:35 AM): ape dia?
anaconda (4:34:37 AM): erm..
anaconda (4:34:40 AM): anna sgt2 eppy
anaconda (4:34:40 AM): :D
wanie (4:34:44 AM): yee?
anaconda (4:34:46 AM): bile ngan korang
anaconda (4:34:47 AM): a`a
wanie (4:34:53 AM): baguslahh!
wanie (4:35:00 AM): kite lepak slalu2 kaay!

heehee~ Life seem to MATTER to me when people say things like this.. Bila terasa cam.. diri ni tak membawa apa apa kesan pada sekeliling. Bertanya pada diri sendiri.. kenapa kite ade kat sini... And orang berkata sesuatu yang macam tu.. membuatkan life matters.. Made you matters to others.. That your existance is not a waste after all.. :D
Sangat sukaaa ngan my friends!! Though someone once said to me that I shouldn't depend on them.. I just can't help it! The ones yang close to me.. sangat dear to my heart and it's impossible for me not to depend on them. Sebenanye bukanlaa 'depend' pon.. Tapi... sangat sangat TRUST! :D Biarlah I'll get hurt in the end.. at least I get to keep this moment in a piece of my memory..
Bahijah, love ya'! Hope you'll always be around for me to tell my heart out! Thanks for hearing me out, thanks for putting up with me.. heehee~ I'll be here when you need me, okie! :-*
Okaylaah~ Sangat mengantuk sebenanye!!! huhuuu~

I REALLY need to stop talking to myself....


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