Friday, October 17, 2003

He's walking towards me while I run to the opposite direction..

ehee~ "edited" the line Dar once put for his Y! status message which was: "He's walking towards you while I'm just standing still". :) Line yang agak menarik.

Currently leading a.. sad moment.
Terase didesak untuk membuat keputusan yang Wanie sangat sangat cuba elakkan. Terasa macam.. baru buat satu kesilapan yang besar. Terasa tak boleh nak berpatah balik. The only way I am going now is forwards, but I am not ready for it and took a rest.. stopped. But I've been resting too long and now I'm blocking the path and I need to make way for the ones that chose to move forwards.
Kenape Wanie asyik terasa Wanie yang salah?
Was I leading you on? I thought I was only being myself.. getting to know people as I always do.. as I always been.. Tapi kenape jadi macam ni? Wanie tak nak semua ni, tapi kenapa ini yang Wanie dapat??
Memang Wanie ke yang patut disalahkan?
I really don't know what I did.. Was I wrong??? I wish I was in a different shoe right now so I can see ME from another perspective. Was I wrong??
Pusing pusing dalam kepala.. Mungkin memang Wanie yang salah. Kan lagi baik kalau Wanie sorang saje yang merasa..
How can I make up for this guilt I am feeling..? How can I be honest when you've never been truly honest with me? How can I confess when you never confessed to me? Salah Wanie juge ke?
Banyak kali Wanie cuba nak fikirkan... and lupakan... And seems that I can't do any of them!
If memories are so beautiful.. then why am I hurting inside?
Sorry.. memang Wanie silap.. Tak sengaja Wanie expect yang lain daripada yang sepatutnya. Wanie silap.. Sorry...
Mintak maaf sangat sangat.... Kalau boleh, Wanie nak tarik balek semua benda yang Wanie pernah cakap so semua ni boleh dielakkan. Sorry.. Wanie betul-betul mintak maaf.. Sorry.......

{ breaking down }


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