Thursday, October 09, 2003

Memanjakan atau dimanjakan?

Spent the every cent Papa have given me last Friday..
Borosnye saye....
Called up Papa last night since I really needed money or I'll starve 'til I get home on Friday!! I said something like, maybe he could get some money into my account or something, and he said okay! But, at 7 something this morning, he asked if it was okay if he come by in the morning. Hoe? So he's coming..
Honestly, I DO realize how a burden I am to everyone in the family, and I'm trying my best not to use my "I'm-young-and-stupid-so-please-help-me-or-I'll-be-dead" ability when I asked the money. So was it easier for Papa to come over like that? It's nice to see him, but honestly.. I'm going home tomorrow and he'll have to pick me up tomorrow! So he'll have to drive back here again.. just the day after today!! So.. Wanie ni memanjakan diri ke.. Diri Wanie ni dimanjakan?
Ablen, about the thing you said.. Honestly I was a bit angry about it.. I guess I was angry to myself for being so stupid for letting Fariz to have the picture. But never mind.. I don't have the same hair-do as I did back then, so why worry? Kalau Wanie botak kat bawah tudung sekarang ni pun, bukannye korang tahu~!
Last night I was crying myself to sleep. Why? HEADACHE!! Stupid.. Headache and flu doesn't really mix well. As a matter of fact, they have the worst mix! I can't stand the fact that I keep on thinking about stupid matters any longer. Why the heck should I think about myself? Honestly.. the more I think about how I am feeling, the more screwed I'd become! The problem to it, is that I do know how I feel.. I just don't understand why I'm feeling it when I don't need it! Urghhh!! Blablablaaa~~
Having no mood to do anything right now. So excuse me..


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