Wednesday, October 29, 2003


officially dizzy!!
things have been.. running through my head endlessly!
letih sebenanye.. 'coz I can't seem to shake anything off from my mind..
Secare tak langsung, just terfikir about loads of stuff.. :)

Anyways! Tadi Papa gave me his daily phonecall.. (just to check how I'm doing and where I was..) he's always like that!! Bile call, he'll ask where I was at that time.. (maybe sebab selalu dia call, I was outside kot! HAHHAHA!!) I couldn't lie! That's just not right! heehee~
Anywaysssss! The point that I was going to... my results dah sampai umah.. (lambat gile!!) And Papa asked if I could do better. He said I should get 3.5! HAHAHAH!! (that was what I did.. laughed really hard!) And of course, I said.. "baiklah.. wanie try.." :D And he said.. "what, wishful thinking ye?" hohoho!! I guess that's a bit of it! Wishful thinking.. hadohh~~ unwantedly, I was reminded strongly of someone! grrRrRr!!
And the REAL anywayyssss.. I told him to just concentrate on the A.. kekkeke! But then he kept nagging, (? not sure if it was a nag, but it went something like it..) but I understood his tone perfectly..
You know.. the way he speaks.. You know that he sounded more to worried+hoping than telling me to do better. Just love Papa for that!! He seldom TELLS! Gives me the freedom to think for myself.. Though sometimes I think it IS better if he told me what to do so I won't be too far astray.. ekekke!

Anyways! Nina is already at home.. with the baby gurl.. I guess she should be called Anis Izzati! I mean, that was the earlier plan. Don't know if they (Nina and Abg Min) made any last minute changes.. heehee~ :D I am so excited in seeing the little girl again!! Can't wait 'til the weekend!! I am SOOO going to hold her next time! weeee~!
Hope she'll be healthy.. pretty.. and charming!! Maaan, I think I have more wishes than Nina has for her child sometimes. kekkeke!! SO EXCITED!! October 27th!! Ramadhan 1st!!! And baby Anis was supposed to due on November 12th!! hahaha!!
Asked Papa if the gurl cry a lot. But Papa replied, "taaak, tapi dia banyak merengek cam Wanie" hohoho!! Wanie banyak merengek keeee?!! Then Papa demo-ed how the baby merengek! HAHHAHA!! VERY VERRRRYYYY EXCITED!!!
arghhh!! can't wait!!!

I have SO many works undone.. assignments that I should work on.. but I keep spending my time listening to my thoughts! huhuuu~ cemane nak dapat 3.5 nihh?? ekekke!!
"put on more effort, okay Wanie.."


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