Thursday, October 30, 2003


Found this at one of the blogs I've been looking at.. kinda interesting (the questions!) So I copied it, and decided to answer it here.. weeeee~! As if anyone really cared...

1. What is Love?
err.. weird stuff.. plays with the heart

2. Are you in Love?
madly in Like, yess...

3. Have you ever been in Love?
the illusion of Love, yess...

4. What about Love at first sight?
nope, but Interested at first sight.. hehhe!

5. What is the most important thing for you in a relationship?
the guy, obviously.. or there won't be any relationship

6. Is sex important in a relationship?
I hope not!! yikes!

7. What happens if you absolutely love someone to death, you are so in love with them, yet they are horrible in bed?
shut up about it.. 'coz supposedly I love him to death.. I'd be dead if we somehow decided to be apart after saying something about it!

8. What happens if you are in a relationship with someone who is the absolute best in bed, however, you have come to realize that you don't like them anymore?
err.. say something about it, I suppose. but if the spark is really gone... I'd leave.

9. Have you ever been cheated on?
I'd say.. no. have I? no... I think not..

10. You're in a relationship of 5 years and your mate cheats on you. Do you give them another chance?
pathetically, yeahh.. never been in a relationship that lasted longer than 3 months so, the guy must be something that it got us through 5 years.. huhuu~

11. What if you are with someone that you believe is the one to marry; you are perfect together. Yet, the money and job stability just doesn't seem to be happening with this person and you are not too sure it will ever be great?
never mind... we can both work!

12. Why is it so important to people to not be alone? Why do we feel the need to share life with a partner?
I guess... somehow we need the acceptance from someone that takes us for who we are.. even how crappy you think you are.. they still want to be with you no matter what! :D

13. Are your parents married or divorced?
married, but troubled.

14. What's a bad habit that your partner has that you don't like? (For those of us that are with no partner, name a habit from the past guy / gal pal)
hahhaha!! plenty! no point of telling it.. but I used to like him very much so I didn't give too much thought about it... :))

15. How are you going to have a successful family? What makes you better at it than anyone else? How is it that your family is going to be happiest and most loved?
I don't know.. just do the things I do and hope for the best, I guess! that's all I can do, really...

16. And a few fun questions: What is your favorite soap?

17. Favorite toothpaste?
kodomo lion!!! hahaha :)) too childish, though.. colgate, then!

18. And lastly, pick one: zebra, carrot, coffee, a penny, a pen, or a tree...
though I don't know what's the relevance.. coffee!

weeeee~! I love taking quizez like this! Gonna find more! woo~hoo!! 8-}


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