Thursday, October 30, 2003


bad mood la pule ngan rakan-rakan kesayangan saye nihhh.. X(
But I guess that's been my friendship's like.. I always get bad mood about them.. hohoho! 'Coz I expect very much from them, to be honest. But I never really shouted at them when it happen. 'Coz that would be VERY bad! Heavens would punish me if I did, for they've brought me more of joy than sadness.. And it's totally my fault if I was too expectant from them.. And if I 'severe' ties with them.. who knows, maybe I might never find the friend that would seem even more perfect than my friends already were... hehhe.. I am totally alike Tohru in this case... :D

SAGITTARIUS November 22 - December 20
You are gentle and generally have complete control over your emotions. You do not get angry quickly and others marvel at your tolerance levels even when provoked. Actually, you get tongue-tied when angry and you will walk away from an ugly scene waiting for the other person to calm down. Then you will reason with your opponent and convince the other person in a very gentle manner that the whole thing was just a silly mistake . You're also likely to totally severe ties with someone when you're upset with them.

hehhe.. that's only half true. I don't severe ties!! Unless.. I was really upset with them... errr... and that had already happen.. err.. 2-3 times... huhuuu... Well, I had been non-expectant to them.. and they still upset me. That was hard, really! And I usually get tongue-tied when I'm angry 'coz I keep reminding my head how stupid I would sound.. shouting at people. 'Coz that is what I am when I'm angry.. STUPID. When I was smaller, I was one loud, shouting brat.. and Nina would say how stupid I make my case when I was shouting. And it was true.. everything seemed lame at that time.. So, getting tongue-tied is not my choice. HAHHAHA!! Just for the sake of myself, really... :)) I don't want to get mad, AND look stupid at the same time anymore.. HAHAHHA!

bahijah (3:18:14 AM): dont depend on one person no matter how trustful they r..
bahijah (3:18:18 AM): nanti takut makan hati!..
wanie (3:19:00 AM): ye..
wanie (3:19:01 AM): true
wanie (3:19:04 AM): hummm
bahijah (3:19:30 AM): jom jommmm!~
bahijah (3:20:15 AM): i didnt say this that u can turn ur back on ur fren..
bahijah (3:20:31 AM): but if the situation is not somehting that u'r sure of..
bahijah (3:20:49 AM): better go for something yg nampak kan??

Bahijah always remind me of these things. You know.. to her, it's better to have LOADS of friends rather than having some few, close friends. I am the latter one. I don't have many friends.. but I do consider the ones I have right now are pretty close to me. (well, not all laaa~!) I pretty much trust most of my friends.. which Bahijah didn't approve too much. aAaAA!! What can I do! My every friendship ties since I get to know people in primary school has been pleasant!!! (that is.. until I get to MMU..) My friendship ties over here are absolutely weird! We are such great actresses, right Bahijah? We've been around here since forever, kan? :)

I was having a mood just now 'coz my friends are not up for class this morning, by the way. Ain't I just stupid?? I got upset just because I didn't get to the class that I didn't really like. Silly me! But the mood have receded now.. Really thankful that I even have some people that I can call FRIENDS! And what's more.. they really rocked my world!!
(Bahijah.. I'm sure you would never expect if one day Aine or Mar would do anything bad to you, 'aight? That's just how much I trust you and the others.. and I can't change the way I feel.. But if one day you did something.. anything to me.. I would perfectly understand that... :x You're just YOU, and I'm just ME.. and we're absolutely cool, aren't we?? :*)


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