Wednesday, November 19, 2003


You know.. they are only signs.. it doesn't mean anything! Honestly.. what has come out from my mouth just now wasn't really curse words.. 'coz I'm BEYOND cursing.. What I'm feeling right now is more to disappointed and heartbroken and depressed..
And I thank my two good buddies for that! yeaaaaaaaay~!
Honestly, if I don't know a person.. what ever the person does to me won't matter anything! Really..!
It only hurts when you trust that someone deeply..
Seems like I've been getting hurt by believing in that word.
Lill is right after all.. Everyone is selfish.. And you can't put hopes on anyone.. And you can never trust anyone fully.. I'm such a stupid git for believing that she was wrong!
Thanks Prisca for hanging around...

morale of this: I NEED TO CHANGE!


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