Thursday, November 13, 2003

my friends.. Out of the question.. ?

this ought to take just some minutes. a bit jumpy to type out much..
Went out in the evening to get our (ana, asha, bahijah and myself) photography work done. Had break-fast outside.
Went back around 9..? When we arrived in Cyberjaya, we talked about the accident that took away the life of this FCM Gamma guy just last night. Saw the site.. the accident knocked down two light posts..
Horrifying just to imagine about it.
And then... when we drove through D'Melor.. saw two cars.. ANOTHER ACCIDENT! Broken glasses were everywhere.. Saw a police car near the spot.. And All 5 (including Dzayed) of us were wondering to ourselves what happened there.. the fact that there were 2 car accidents in just 24 hours.. I just hate to think about all this.
And then when I got back to the room.. I saw some loads of Y! M windows.. 'Forwards again.. bluerghhh!' I thought.. until I read one of it..

someone (9:32:50 PM): someone: someone: someone: sesape yang kenal kawan2 amri iqwan, azarul and ina ... dieorang accident.... everythings fine n dieorang dah dihantar ke ospital.. plz fwd this! thats all i know at this moment

I know those guys.................................
You know, it's one thing if an accident occured somewhere nearby but it's really another thing if your friends were in it. Takuutnyee~
Dar, Fariz and Azilah are at the Putraja Hospital right now. Kinda wish I was there.. but come to think of it.. NAK BUAT APENYERR PONN!! Busy body btol.. :">
Hope they're all fine. I mean, really REALLY fine.
There'll be our photography assignment tomorrow... cemane ?

Do you know where you children are?


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