Friday, November 21, 2003

I'm scared but not too much.. :D

okay! here's something I've written such a long time ago.. During the break before Beta, I think.. :D Just thought I should post it somewhere.. Lama sangat simpan.. :p

Refuse to let it fall apart
As I lay alone in my bed
Feels so hollow in my heart
But so many questions in my head
I stare out the window to see what's outside
And all I get to see is, the shadows of the night
I'm trying to read what I feel inside
I see nothing, too dark and no light

Funny how I don't know what I feel
It gets hard as I don't know what to do
This feeling, so different and yet so real
And somehow it leads me towards you
Questions unanswered, it's making me confuse
Too many things to see, it all seemed blurry
Waiting mindlessly for a sign I could use
But this could be, right where I should be

bluerghh~!! crappy, I KNOW! I can't really rhyme lahh!! :">


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