Thursday, November 20, 2003

time ticks away...

I wonder if I have more time for the things I wish to do first.. :p
Done with the exam paper!! woohhh~!! Pretty funny considering how dumb I actually felt having to answer all those history questions.. bluerghh~! The day was pretty... amusing I have to say! :D
Okay, since me and Prisc were in different rooms, I really can't budget out how long I can waste my time in that room.. :D But somewhere around 3:20..? I saw Asha outside the door!! HAHAHAH! Gile punye budaaak.. cepat betul jawab!! So, I did mine like crazy jugek so she wouldn't have to wait for long.. hehhe! I got out at 3:40, met up Fairy a while outside the room (she was waiting for someone, I suppose!) and walked to the foyer (?) and saw Asha talking to Avi! (haa.. seb baik she has something to do while waiting.. :D) Tatau apsal Wanie lambat sket nak jawab.. ekkeke! (sebenanye tahu...)
It's entertaining lah~ (to myself) I was reading through the questions and then this stupid feeling surfaces inside of me.. ekkeke! Termengelamun mengelamun.. termenong termenong.. Biol~! :p
So anywaysss!! After meeting up Asha, we went to Dzayed's exam room and see how he answers the paper. ekekke! He also happened to be in the same room as Dar! heehee~ Dar nampak sangat serius menjawab soalan!! :D While Dzayed, when he saw us outside.. dia mula buat aksi aksi pelik! ekkeke! :))
Oh, kat luar tu tadi ade Popo.. hehhe! :p
After Asha and Dzayed dropped me off at the zebra crossing, bumped into Achot! And he said, "baaiknyee tunggu kawan balek.." ('coz he saw me waving at the pair 'til the car moved away) huhuu~ Yeee.. saye sangat baik! :p
oh humm.. tadi cam sempat caught RP's eyes for a moment.. I thought I saw her smiled.. and she really did.. :)


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