Saturday, November 08, 2003

I accuse Mrs. White, using the Knife in Lounge room!

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

Some dynamos lend their size and intensity to spectacular events. Sagittarius likes to draw a crowd. As far as you're concerned, the party has already begun.

ekk? What party? No one invited me to any party.. what are you talking about??
Been... very very happy these days. Even though I am broke.. and thinking of going out today even that I am REALLY lacking in money and that I still have mountains of work.. I am STILL very happy. Big possibility for the fact that I am enjoying my every bits, for real. Just thankful for everything.. :D I have one reaaaaally good friend and one great friend. And there's another who's just fantastic.. And I know this person who's just.. totally... what I wanted! :x heehee~! I really love these bunch!! SANGAT!! My mind will go off, if without them around 'coz they're the ones who completes my everyday!! You guys are the best in my eyes.. remember that, will ya'? :x
Okay.. yesterday was a bit weird day somehow... Did nothing much.. Walked Bahijah to her class. Managed to read Sheeya's letter for us before that. Bahijah cried reading it, while it numbs me somehow.. It's a wonder how someone would claim that he or she is a bestfriend when they don't even tell you the most important things that they should've told. That's Sheeya. I don't know what I should do when I meet her next time. Kick her or hug her 'til all her bones are crushed. Yeaah.. probably that.
Got a lil' moody yesterday, and I hated it.
Break-fasted with Asha and Ana. Asha drove to Putrajaya's bazaar and then we ate in Selera Putra. Bahijah couldn't be with us 'coz she helped this group for their photography project. :( Ate otak-otak like crazy 'coz we bought RM10's worth of it! HAHAHHA!!
Well.. only after then my mood have returned to normal. :) But then my network connection was really crazy. :( Even though I was upset.. I was still loving every moment of it! hahha~! :) People can get me really crazy sometimes.. Crazily happy or crazily upset.. But last night it was crazily happy! :x
Really loving myself these days.. 'coz life doesn't seem to suck in any way! :) This is right where I'd like to be.. :x
Yesterday played Cluedo with Asha and Bahijah! Sempat ter ticked off sikit lak! Sori korang! Mane tak nye.. I was reminding them of the rules and they were playing with the 'weapons' and suddenly they came to a conversation about guns and revolvers. grrRrRrR! heehee~! Didn't play it according to the rules 100% though! As we got tired, we all come to agree to stop the game by making our accusasions.. and me and Asha made the same statement and we were both correct!! :D That was the first time I made a right accusasion! hahhaa~! Selama main kat umah tak penah sempat nak accuse pon! ekekek!
Went sahur in Putrajaya with Bahijah, Asha and Dzayed. Had two half-boiled eggs, two sets of roti bakar and iced Milo! They had somewhat the same meals.. heehee~! :D Gosh, I am very comfortable with that group of friends! Even Dzayed was cool to sit around with. hehhe! Bangge lah mamat tuhh!! After all.. he IS the same age as I do.. 6 years old!! ekekke!
Okaylaah~! That's all for now..
It's been a while since I last wrote something else that mattered rather than my everyday life, huh?
But my everyday life mattered to me.. what the heck! :p


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