Sunday, September 16, 2007

A long time ago..

I wrote a little list on a tiny corner of my notebook;
of the qualities of the perfect man.

Years gone by and my idea of perfection have changed.
Maybe because I like different things now.. maybe because I've grown up.. or maybe I've grown weary of searching for perfection. Bottom line is, the qualities that makes a man perfect had become A quality;

and that is: he must not be infuriating.

Sure, I'd welcome an occasional spat sometimes; about the show we'd want to watch on telly.. where should we go for dinner.. what's the best football team (believe it or not, I wouldn't want him to support the same teams as I do!) or the ideal number of kids we should have. (You won't ever read me tell you how many!)
But he must not infuriate me.
Frustrate me all he wants.. Make me cry all he may.. but never infuriate me, por favor.

heehee. Obviously I'm in a slightly better mood since the last post; to write something as silly as this.

I was watching the qualifying round for the Belgium Grand Prix last night and found myself smiling at the excitement in the commentators' voices. They were telling the viewers to listen to the sound of the car's engine as they went through the Eau Rouge (which was the point where the track has a little dip and then go up to a 20% hill -- am I making sense here? Well, the cars go very fast through there with a somewhat sling-shot effect.)
Aaaanyway, my point actually.. What exactly am I supposed to listen to?? I know nothing about the sounds of an engine so what exactly is there to be heard? So I concluded, syok sendiri kot diorang nih. So.. self-absorbed, laughing at their own comments, while I grinned at their silliness -- until it hit me.

I'm doing just the same!!
All these times I get myself excited as I write about football and even Formula 1, I am no different than those self-absorbed commentators.
Ah well, suits you to have come to my blog! Suits me for watching their show. hehh!

It's been a good weekend for sports. (Good, is relative. hehh!)
Lee Chong Wei won the Japan Open, (thanks Dar for waking me up to catch it -- unintentional though it may be) Manchester United won against Everton through si manja Nemanja Vidic's header. Chelsea had only managed a draw. (hahhahahah!!) The two Ferrari got podium, (I shall not comment about that Ferrari-McClaren spying-stuff verdict) and I bet Tiger Woods will maintain his lead in the Tour Championship!
ha! Now aren't I the sports buff? heehee.

So here's a little advice for those of you who hadn't noticed the pattern yet..
If you're not into sports (football and F1 especially) you might want to AVOID reading this blog during weekends. Then again, you might want to STOP READING this blog altogether 'cause sometimes, it's ALL I ever talk about!

Can you tell that my dark mood has returned?


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