Thursday, September 27, 2007

Do me a favour
and break my heart

Not that it's hard.. I believe hopeful-cynics tend to get their hearts break the easiest. All you have to do is plant that seed and their own doubts in their heads will do the rest!
Oh wait.. did I just gave out the formula to break my heart? Oh well...

I've been addicted to Shayne Ward's If That's OK With You and Aly & AJ's Potential Breakup Song these past couple of days. Also.. Timbaland's Way I Are.
Obviously I haven't got anything much worth reading here, yeah? heh. But really... Aly & AJ's song is really really addictive! Love the catchy tune.

It's time like this.. when I get too much time in my hands.. or get left alone for too long, I'd always think of the strangers I've ever met in my life.
And I can't help it.. the first person I would think of was always Manir. He wasn't even the first stranger I've ever met, but he was definitely the best conversationalist among all. Indian, in his 50s, Aries. Really amazing person. He only initiated to comment on the neatness of my writing. heh. I don't reckon that he ever thought I was writing so I could avoid talking to strangers; expecting them to leave me alone. Glad that he didn't.

Some days I wish that I stayed on that train and continued our discussions about feng shui, horoscopes and religion. Just.. how amazing is THAT?? To talk to a perfect stranger about religion! No small talks there, my friends. Simply spiritual and philosophical topics please. (Now don't I sound like a snob? haha!)
Sometimes I feel like getting on the train in hopes of meeting him again. I used to have his picture in my/Dida's PDA but since it's gone nuts.. I've lost Manir. Well, just his picture. To be honest, I think his face is kind of cemented on my brain. What can I say.. Manir was the PERFECT stranger.

To have something in common with a friend is.. easy.
To have something in common with a stranger... what are the odds to that?

If there is anything I am most thankful of.. (mind, I should make a long list of it 'cause I'm grateful for a bunch of things!) it's that even though I wasn't born or made to be an exceptionally extroverted person, at least those who are had found my looks to be welcoming enough for them to strike up a conversation.
Maybe James Morrison was right.. they just seem to know who to talk to. It is odd when there's a roomful of people and somehow you're the one singled out -- but thankfully, I have no problem being singled out. heh.

Oooh!! Nina got a promotion yesterday which meant a big pay rise -- awesome!! Chilli's! Chilli's! Chilli's!! hahahahha! Damn, now I'm hankering for their Molten Chocolate Cake! -- and I'm not even that big of a fan of chocolate! grr.
Anyway, congrats Ninaaa! (If ever she comes across this.)

Of course, now that Nina's making big bucks, Mama had asked me when am I going to find a job. Way to go to spoil my mood, Ma! whoopee! *sarcastically*
Ohh, also.. The Magpies lost to Arsenal. bluergghh. It's embarassing because Arsenal was using their younger players while Newcastle was playing with their first team! I'm irked! Especially since currently, Coventry had scored against Man U. hahhahahaha!! (This is the NECESSARY laugh to keep myself from cursing. I think I need to do that a lot tonight.)


deebs said...

ouh the potential break up song is so repeating over and over again in my head and singing it non stop. offended the boif tho. hehehe :D

Monkey's Bunny said...

but at the end it'd mention "potential makeup song" apeee... ;)

deebs said...

yeah die tak dengar part tu. klakar..siap tanye ' nak dedicate lagu tu kat i ker?' ouch..nyanyi pon salah. hahahaha

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