Monday, October 14, 2013

Hello, stranger.

Been a while since I posted. Nothing much to update really. I hate to talk about my state of mind after the whole snatch thing. Talking about having to run around to get all my credentials sorted is even more infuriating. The cost of it all is ridiculous! I am working with a ridiculous company, in a ridiculous place, that's all I'm going to say.
Can I just curse all these ridiculous people to get snatched at a point of their life just so they realize how ridiculous they've been? I know it's mean to have ill-wishes on anyone, but I'm not a saint! And this whole situation isn't helping with my anger issues.

Oh yeah, I was reminded of all my anger issues as days go on. I have a lot of anger, if you hadn't known. Fine on the outside, fire on the inside.. That's me.
Perhaps that's why I'm such a potty-mouth. I know my parents never taught me how to curse. And my friends does not curse as much as I do. Oh well.. I have always been an angry person. And thinking of the snatcher, and the hassle that he's put me through ever since just makes me even more angrier!
Not exactly a feeling that I'd like to dwell in, but I don't think I'll ever feel better until I let things go. And NO, I will not let it go, I shall not forgive that mofo until he rots in hell!!!

..and I thought I wasn't going to talk about my state of mind.. Hahahhahaha!

Work's been all too consuming. Too many daily flights. Evening ones where I just end up getting home at midnight. Fall asleep in the wee hours of morning, wake up just to get ready for work again. Nothing fun about that.

Nars is opening next month in Pavilion! I am really looking forward to that. I have never owned a MAC anything and to be honest I don't feel the need to get anything from them, but Nars.. Nars.. Gotta have 'em all! (A slight Pokemon reference there..)

Okay, before I ramble on useless things, have a great week my dear readers and Selamat Aidiladha..


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