Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Update on my previous post;

1. Nothing really good at Clark's warehouse sale. Perhaps everything was sold out, but I was hoping to find a pair of ladies boots but none of them looked good.
2. I spent RM300 at LaSenza while they had that 50% off when you buy 10 items offer. Whoops!
3. After calling and visiting FOURTEEN Clinique places, I finally found the Chubby Sticks set that I've been looking for at Isetan, Lot 10!

So glad that the search was over.
To think that I still have one left of last year's set! Bahahhahaha!
I wonder how next year's set would look like. I gotta remind myself to keep a look out for it early November so I won't have to search around like a mad woman again..

4. I haven't bought anything from Typo yet.. But I don't exactly need anything right now so I can wait.. The things that I usually want always go for less after a while anyway.
I suppose it's weird, but what I had in mind is the glitter-tape.. I have this odd fixation for wrappers and ribbons for the sole purpose of gift wrapping! Even when I was younger, while others collected stamps or erasers, I collect wrapping papers!

Today is my second day off and I'd already lounged the whole of yesterday.. Guess I should really do something useful today.
I really should sort out my wardrobe!


Suzy Effendi said...

chubby sticks looks yummeh... :-D

Monkey's Bunny said...

It is!!
I'd say it has the right amount of juiciness for a lip balm! Not too buttery as most lip balms are.

A few brands replicate the crayon-like package. Revlon is selling theirs for around RM30.. but I tak try lagi how it feels.

Suzy Effendi said...

serious? sedap2 gitu ek? i penah try lip balm yg agak yucky bila letak kt mulut. HAHA~! Ok nti i nk carik gak revlon and clinique also :D. thanks

Monkey's Bunny said...

heehee for me lah!
I personally tak suka Maybelline's Baby Lips, Lip Smacker or Lip Ice's.. ada perasaan yucky disitu. Some even gives my lips some tingly sensation. (allergic kot actually. hahaha)

Nivea's dulu pakai okay je, tapi skarang notice most lip balms ada some kind of smell..

So skarang I splurge on Clinique's!

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