Sunday, December 29, 2013

Friday 13th Haul

I got pretty awesome pressies on my birthday this year and I can't just shut up about it! So I am going to share them with you right here.. I don't mean to brag, I am just super duper excited about them!

The first was no surprise as Mami actually asked me if I would like one -- and yes, I really don't mind another as my make-up stuff were overflowing the clear traincase that I got from Sephora!

It's black, it's huge and also comes with a shoulder strap! Hahahha! As if I am actually travelling with all my makeup, but it's a nice touch. I have not transferred my makeup into this traincase yet though. Before I do that I need to make room on my desk where I get ready first!

Mumu gave me a bag of things;

A vanilla scented candle, Soap & Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator cream that I was eyeing on the last time we were in Sephora together (which she got, and I asked her to let me know what she thinks of it!) and a funny keychain of quotes on shopaholics! Hahahaha.

Dida got me a pair of martini glasses.. There was a point in my life when I was obsessed with looking for one that was nice but not crazy expensive! I guess she found them and I love it!
I don't even drink martinis (or alcohol for that matter!) but I like having the occasional Shirley Temple in a fancy glass at home..

Encem got me a set of CBTL/Caffitaly capsules that is some sort of the sampler of all the flavours available. It has one each of everything and I find it hard to take one out of the box and leave a gap in it! Hmm..
Bestie went overboard this year and did a two-parter of my birthday present;

First he (and Gracie) replaced the Moleskine that he gifted me last year that was snatched a few months ago (I still miss that awesome Star Wars pocket diary!) with this awesome Lego edition Moleskine..

Then a week later he left me a Ciaté Mini Mani Month on my dresser without saying anything! I came back from work, hung out in the living room just chatting with him.. Finally got into my room to take off the uniform (after almost an hour, I think) and there it was! I actually teared up because it was TOO FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!

I felt like hugging and slapping him at the same time! I guess I'll be spending the next two months figuring out what to get him for his birthday..

I myself spent quite a bit (that's an understatement) with the excuse that it is my birthday month. But of all the things that I spent on, this is the ONE thing that I felt like a total birthday splurge;

A large jar Yankee Candle in Crisp Apple Strudel that cost me S$35! I saw the stand while nightstopping in Singapore and told myself that I HAVE to get something! Wasn't planning to get the biggest size there is but Bestie talked me into it!
No regrets though.. The whole apartment smells as if I was baking an apple strudel everytime I burn the candle and it is just awesome!
Awesome as long as I don't work out the currency exchange that is! Hahahahaha

It's been a good month, and I had a wonderful birthday.. I am grateful for the friends and family that surrounds me..
I totally forgot to thank those who wrote me birthday messages on my Facebook wall, is that terrible? I always thought it was cheating because Facebook reminded them of my birthday anyway.. As if all those people would remember on their own! Oh well..
Thank you God for the family and the little friends that fills up my heart.. Alhamdulillah.

Two days 'til new year!! Eeeep!



happy birthday babe...!!!! awesome gifts you got there! aku mcm tak percaya koleksi makeup ko perlukan traincase! aku biasa tgk MUA jer guna beg tuh, you are the 1st non-MUA i know gonna use that traincase.. omg...

*MUA = makeup artist

Monkey's Bunny said...

MUAs and FAs alike since my friend who gave me the traincase have been using once since I know her! Oh and my mom.. And she's not an MUA. Don't know if you're familiar with Caboodles but I remember her having a colourful traincase when I was younger..
It's just easy storage.. For me, I don't exactly get ready in front of a proper desk and vanity mirror so having a traincase just makes my life easier! :D

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