Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy New Year!

I had a good start of 2014..
Though I didn't get to spend new year's eve with loved ones (two years in a row, now) I did get awesome colleagues on my three days trip!

We had new year's eve in Bangkok which was different.. Despite the political chaos there, it was pretty safe to wander around the city as everyone was in such a party mood.
The streets were packed, the malls were packed, pretty much everywhere was packed with Thais!

We arrived at noon and went straight out into the city to bask in the atmosphere. Not exactly my thing, to be honest. There were just TOO MANY PEOPLE!!
But anyway, what I wanted to do the most was to check out the NARS counter in Siam Paragon and Boots just outside of the mall! Hahahahha

So anyway.. I did my final purchases of 2013 there..

The original plan was to only "check out" the prices at the counter and then actually purchase the items on my wishlist at the airport as they would be duty free there. But Siam Paragon had a sale while I was there, and as the prices were cheaper than in the store back home, I decided to just grab the chance!

Since these items had been on my wishlist for a good few months at least, I have done my research!

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in the shade Stromboli. This retails at US$ 44. In KL it retails at RM 165. I read in a blog somewhere that it was around THB 1450 at the airport. At Siam Paragon itself, it is retailed at THB 1700 (VAT!) but because of the sale (15% off), I got mine at THB 1445! I consider that a bargain.

Of course it could've been even more cheaper at the airport since I might get some sort of a staff-discount. But I don't want to deal with the disappointment in case my shade wasn't available.. I'm happy enough to get it cheaper than in KL to be honest!
Anyway, I can't tell what I think of this yet   since I've only used it twice. This is also my very first time owning a high-end brand foundation so my opinion on it wouldn't be fair since I only have drugstore/pharmacy brands to compare it to! (Not sure if I'd mentioned this anywhere but I don't even own anything from MAC!)

The other item that I got was the lipstick that I've been wanting, the Semi Matte Lipstick in the shade Funny Face.

($26 in the US, RM 90 in KL and THB 990 in Thailand! After discount it was THB 841.) I've asked three times for it at Pavilion but it never seems to be in stock. Oh well, I've got it now!
The other two items in the photo of my 'final purchases' were a sample of the face primer that I got with my purchase at Siam Paragon and the foundation pump that I bought at Pavilion the last time I was there.
Yes, I bought the pump before I got the foundation.. I am just that nutty!

Oh and the only item I got from Boots was Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean cleanser that was RM 20 cheaper than in Sephora KL! Aghhh! I was so irked that that was all I got left in my purse or I would've stock up on a LOT of the Soap & Glory stuff!

Okay, gonna stop rambling now. I had so much fun and laughs with my crew, but not enough sleep for the past three days.. Tomorrow's pick-up is at 3 am so I suppose I should head to bed now.

Have a good 2014, dear readers..
Perhaps I'll write an actual, sappy kind of new year's entry sometime this week!



waaaaaa.... your blog is like reading views & price on beauty products! i love it!

Monkey's Bunny said...

Yayy! I find it useful when people mentions the price on the products.. Kan? Bole research dulu mana ada best deals.. Especially for branded stuff, tau how much you will have to spend when you want to get them.

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