Sunday, January 12, 2014


This has been a pretty cool week..
Mostly because I've been visiting places with cool temperatures! Ha!

Earlier this week I flew to Perth which was supposed to be in the summer but the nights were actually 12-ish degrees Celcius. No complaints there of course; I'd like to think that that is my kind of weather!

It was a pretty short stay, one that only allowed me to go to Woolworth and grab some necessities. (Coffees mostly!) Went a little nuts with the Caffitaly capsules, spent AU$50 on them pretty much! Hahahahhaha!!
At least I know that I'm good for the rest of the month. Those capsules are sold at RM 20+ at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for a box of ten while I got it at AU$6 for a box of sixteen from Woolies! I'd call that a good bargain so yeah, that's one reason to jump for joy!

The day after coming back from Perth, I flew to Kathmandu. It was my first time nightstopping there so I was really looking forward to it!
What's fun about the whole trip was the bit where I flew with all girls and they were all not too far from my batch!

They've been there multiple times so they showed me around. Our hotel was actually within walking distance to one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Kathmandu, The Boudhanath Stupa.
I must say that the whole atmosphere kinda called to my artistic side and you'd probably notice from my Instagram photos..

The weather was brilliant, it didn't rain at all so I had a wonderful time walking around to see what Kathmandu has to offer! It was as dusty as any Indian countries I've been to though, so my shoes changed colours by the end of the day!

Overall, my week was pretty awesome! I look forward to another day in Kathmandu in the future. Perhaps next time I'll bring along my Diana+ or my Nikon. I haven't been to any place worth the trouble (of carrying a film-camera) in such a long time.

And now I got an extra day off because there was some scheduling error/changes in my roster so instead of having to do a Xiamen turnaround tomorrow, I get three solid days off! woohoo!

Have an awesome week ahead, dear readers!


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