Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ramble ramble..

If I'm being honest, pay day isn't 'til next week but already I'm window-shopping online.
And if I'm really truly honest, I am actually looking for presents.. sigh. I'd much rather shop for myself really (hahahha!) but I really should find something for the two people in my life whose having their birthday next month.
Is it weird how engrossed I get when finding presents for people?
I myself appreciate getting practical things, but normal practical things aren't great for gifting especially when the receiver could easily get them on their own. So the challenge is finding something that may or may not be a luxury to that someone that is still practical in their everyday lives.
THAT'S my definition of a perfect gift anyway. Luxurious practicality.. hahahha!

It's like how Bestie gave me that Ciaté Mini Mani Month.. It's not necessarily something that I need, but I LOVE painting my nails, and I definitely wasn't going to buy it myself!
So anyway.. his birthday is coming up next month so here I am, glued to the laptop window shopping for inspiration.

Instead of finding things for people though, I find myself being distracted by this instead;

If you know me, then you know that I'm basically nocturnal. I really have a hard time falling asleep at night, and not for the lack of trying! I'm staying away from any medications, and would much prefer trying out a natural way to help me sleep. I don't know.. This whole set is a LOT of money though.

Anyway! I'm pretty sure that I have an idea of what to get my friends next month.. Kinda excited to get them the stuff!


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