Friday, December 06, 2013

Hello December #6!

One of the BEST bargains at Sephora!

This Stila Holiday Essentials Kit retails at 19 USD or RM 56 over here (bargain!) and with that members' 20% off the other day, I bought it at RM 45! A total steal!

Stila is not a cheap brand.. and this makes SUCH a great gift for a make-up lover! (I bought it for myself, surprise surprise! hahahahha)
This comes with a mini red liquid lipstick, mini black felt tip liner and a mini of Stila's well loved eye-shadow in Kitten.

I bought it thinking of giving the liquid lipstick to a red-lipstick lover friend of mine, but after reading the reviews and tried it on myself, I decided to just keep it! teeheehee. I am not too fond of the applicator though. I find it very easy to mess up the lipstick with the applicator and being a matte finish, it ain't pretty! But the colour, oh the colour! It's called Beso, and I just love the colour!

The eyeshadow is a pretty champagne colour. Perfect for a nude look! And the powder is fine and smooth and a total winner!
The eyeliner.. well, it's an eyeliner. It works fine. Nothing much to say except that I miss my favourite NYX Felt Tip Liner that is nowhere in Sephora anymore and this Stila eyeliner is RM 65 full price!! gahh!

Anyway, this is a great kit to introduce yourself to Stila!


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