Friday, March 08, 2013

Oy, I'm getting old.

It's flying week! Yippeee!
I'm back from a three-nights KCH trip, and my whole body aches. Can't wait to hit the showers.. right after I peel off this pore strip I have on. Can't wait to lather on my off-day bodywash and shampoo.
Yes, I have an off-day bodywash and shampoo. I refuse to use it for everyday because they smell too good; so I save them for special occasions -- like off days! hahahhha!

Seems like my grey hair is spreading. Used to be just at the front part of my hair (like Rogue), now they're at the sides too! aghhhh! That really bugs me. Guess it's time to hit the saloon.. Maybe after pay day. Or maybe I'll use one of those DIY kits this time. I don't know.. I'll decide later.

Flights hadn't been eventful. They're all alright, but nothing much to talk about.

Damn stupid pore strip just made me cry.
Oh, that's my cue for soapy-time!
Perhaps I'll write some more later.

Have a good weekend, everybody!


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