Friday, March 22, 2013

When in Jakarta...

My set were basically people who were at the lounge as well.. so we got along pretty well. They were actually doing a few days trip, and I only joined them for the Jakarta flight. One actually asked me if I'd taken my medicine as I got on the airfcraft. Yeah.. well.. these people know how nutty I can get.

One of my stewardess is getting married this year, so we went to ITC Mangga Dua so she could look at some stuff for the wedding while Syam (my fellow Tea & Coffee Ambassador! hahhahha!) and I browsed at nothing in particular.
Naturally, "nothing in particular" ends up in a haul!!

I got handbags for Dida and Encem's Mama for Rp50,000 each. (Roughly RM16 -- bargain!) I got myself a black clutch for Rp60,000. A pair of flats; Rp35,000, a couple corsets and some makeup stuff that are not in the picture. A friend of mine gave me a brow liner some months ago and I just LOVE it! So of course, I need back-ups for it.

At some point, we were looking at wedding dresses and I couldn't take my eyes off of this one;

So pretty!!! It's yellow, I definitely wouldn't wear it.. but the design was exquisite! Lace at the top and a luscious bottom. So.. so pretty. The shop lady said it is Rp7.5 million. That's RM2,400. For a wedding dress.. that doesn't seem a lot. I'm pretty sure that's the cost of renting that sort of dress around here anyway.
So pretty!

We were walking some more then I saw this!

A pair of butt-looking panties! I couldn't help myself but laughed out loud. It was scary and intriguing at the same time. Syam said it looked "sexy", the pervert! I laughed again, of course. Basically this is a padded panties that you wear so your butt looks fuller. Lebih mantop! hahhahahha!
The idea of putting on an additional butt is too scary for me so NO, I didn't get it. hahahha!

One more flight before my flying week ends and hell starts again.
So I'm going to enjoy this two days off and sleep as much as I can!


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