Sunday, September 08, 2013

I feel guilty..

I've always said that this blog has been the soul thing that I could really commit myself to.
I've had this blog for eleven freakin' years now and for the first time ever I had a two-month (nearing to three!) long hiatus!
I'm sorry blog (and readers!), it was not intentional. Life got in the way somehow. And I am partly blaming this past hiatus to my phone for being so distracting!

Shall I update you on everything that's been going on since I last wrote?
Dare I?
I'll try not to ramble.
I probably won't since my memory is so bad, I can hardly remember what my last flight was!
Oh well.. I'll just try and make this as entertaining as I can.

Recently I battled with an allergy attack -- the same one that I got a few years back. Started some nights ago from my palms and followed by a swollen lower lip the morning after. YES. Lower lip. I cannot tell you how badly I'd like to laugh to that if it hadn't been my own lip. Then of course came the lot of rashes around my legs and arms that somehow made my entire body just sore and achy.
I hadn't gone to the doctor's. I found some old meds in the fridge that seemed to calm down the itch so I'm content for the time being. I don't know about you but I HATE going to the clinic so as long as the pain (or in this case, itch) is manageable, I'll put off seeing the doctor for as long as I can.
Plus I had just been there last week because I was having a fever and a cold.
Suppose my body just decided to deteriorate now.
Oh! And as for the allergy, I don't think it started because of anything? I am just calling it an "allergy" because it seems like one, but I hadn't done anything new recently.. And apparently this sudden rashes didn't happen to just me (thanks Google!) and while others have gotten themselves tested, their doctors couldn't give them any concrete answer to why it happened to them either.
So yeah... I'll run to see the doc once my meds are gone.

Work has been pretty overwhelming. I suppose I could blame that to my lack of update. Honestly I just don't have the time to sit around and ponder about life. I don't think that's a bad thing personally. If you had been following this blog, you would know that I would much rather living life than write about it -- but I don't mind having a bit of time to jot down some things either.

My rest days have been minimal.. I keep having to pack and unpack my bags -- a part of my job that I hate the most.
And yes, as you've noticed, I am beginning to call this thing that I do to keep my livelihood as a "job". Gets kinda sad to be honest.
I still have fun at work. I still love (most of) the people that I work with. But there comes a day when I am just too tired, stretched too thin to even care if I am smiling to the passengers or not.

But on the positive note, I did spend a few days in Cherating with my family last month. I have also been to Hong Kong, Macau, New Delhi, Osaka, Hyderabad, Taipei and Bangkok since I last updated!
Lots of money spent!! Gah!

Which led to my year-end resolution (if that even makes sense) to actually.. really.. truly start saving up some money. I honestly can't see why I would need anymore make-up or skincare products.. Or jackets and dresses.. Or nail polishes! I mean, come oonnn.. They are wonderful, but I really don't need more when I barely have the space to keep them! So my second year-end resolution; only buy things that I need -- which are things that I have finished and need to replace, or things that I have always always wanted. Things that I've thought of getting for more than three months at least! Hahhahhaha!

I refuse to deprive myself of good food though. So I'd always splurge on that! As for things, I'm pretty sure you could see how I'll fare from my Instagram. If you see a picture of a haul on there, you'll know I'd failed. Hahahhahahahaha
That sounded like I've set myself up to fail. Oh well, everyone has their weaknesses.

I'll try my best.. So wish me luck!
And I'll try to update this blog as often as I used to. I've really missed rambling on and on about my thoughts as if it mattered to anyone. Hahahahaha!
So vain.. But in a quiet sort of way.. Heehee


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